We encourage you to come to us should you have any questions at all about your child's care, the staff, the centre etc.


As far as we are concerned the only silly question is the one not asked.


However a list of the most common questions we are asked is below. Please click on the question for the answer.

  • What are the charges for a day, do you discount for a week?

    We have a daily fee for all ages. You can claim Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate if you are eligible to reduce your out of pocket expenses. Our fees are at the lowest possible rate so a discount for a week is not offered.

  • Are staff qualified?

    There are 3 University Trained Teachers on the premises, the remainder of our staff are either Diploma trained or in the process of obtaining their Diploma.

  • Can I bring my child’s favourite food to the centre?

    We have a chef on the premises who cooks everything for meals. We support a large number of children with allergies or restricted diets as well as observing cultural needs of families. Bringing food from home may cause any of our children with allergies to a potentially life threatening reaction. Our chefs are very well trained in which foods can be made for each room on specific days. The meals served are healthy and nutritious. Menus are displayed in each room.

  • What about a birthday cake when my child celebrates their birthday?

    We supply the kitchen with a birthday list each month and the chefs work this into their menu so cupcakes are supplied at afternoon tea to celebrate.

  • If my child doesn’t like what’s on the menu do they go hungry?

    Staff monitor children through the day and are aware of how much children eat during each snack and meal times. If a child eats well for one meal and doesn’t eat the next time staff will note it and monitor closely for signs that your child is unwell but not be overly concerned. If your child has missed 2 meals they will offer something else to ensure your child is not left hungry because the food doesn’t appeal to them.

  • Are the children allowed to play outside every day?

    There are many aspects of learning that outside play presents to your child. We ask you to supply additional clothing for cooler days and follow the Cancer Council Sun Smart Policy of wearing hats and sunscreen on days when the UV is higher than 3. Only in extreme weather conditions do we restrict outdoor play.

  • My child has Asthma do staff understand how to manage this?

    We insist that all staff have trained in Asthma management and ask families to supply a Asthma Plan for children who are known Asthmatics.  Any child who is not responding to their specific Management Plan or the emergency 4x4x4 will have an ambulance called for them while staff continue to treat and monitor them. Emergency kits are supplied inside and out.

  • When my child needs to attend Kindergarten what centre do you recommend?

    We have a Kindergarten at our centre. The Blue Room . We employ 2 University Trained Teachers one in the Kindergarten Room and the other in the 3-4 year old room (Red Room). The teacher in the Red Room moves to the Kindergarten Room with the children as they move up into the Kindergarten. This way the children have the same teacher for 2 years.

    Kindergarten children can still attend any part of the day that families need for care with the Kindergarten teacher conducting the Kindergarten between 8.30-4.30 every day.


  • Does this cost extra?

    There are not extra charges for Kindergarten or any other event that we provide for the children.

  • What extras are you talking about?

    We supply sun hats for the children. We supply a music teacher who comes to each room during the week. At different times there are events that are linked to a topic that the children are interested in. These events such as: Music and dance companies, farm animals or small reptiles enhance children’s understanding and learning.   These are paid for by our service.

  • Is the Kindergarten as good as the others?

    The only difference is that the children who attend here do not have to start or leave at a pre-determined time that working families would have difficulties with. We complete Transition to School Statements for every child and liaise with your child’s school as other Kindergartens do.

  • I heard you close at Christmas, what’s that about?

    Yes we do close at Christmas. As a small family business we are aware that this time of the year is expensive. We also know that there are 3 Public Holidays included in the week between Christmas and New Year. If we are open during this time families would be paying for days (the Public Holidays) they can’t use so by nominating to close we do not charge fees for that week.

  • But I pay for other Public Holidays?

    Yes, like all private education our fees cover staff wages, rent and utilities all of these still occur on Public Holidays.

  • What nappies do you use?

    After researching the nappies, doing some trails we chose Costco Kirkland brand.

  • Do you supply nappy creams, teething gels and powder?

    We consider that these are individual items and preferences. We are happy to store supplies at the centre and will notify you when you need to supply more.

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